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Hammer crusher is mainly large pieces of material crushed to 2-3cm below the broken equipment. Hammer crusher applies to electric power, metallurgy and other industries crushing medium hardness material, such as shale, coal gangue.
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Product Description
Hammer crusher is mainly accomplished by crushing material impact energy jobs. When the hammer crusher, motor drives the rotor for high-speed rotation, uniform materials into the crusher chamber, the impact of high-speed rotary hammer, cut the material tear caused material to be broken, while the material's own gravity from the material high-speed rotation of the hammer toward the frame body baffles, sieve bar in the lower rotor, with sieve, sieve size smaller than the crushed material is discharged through the sieve grain size larger than the mesh size of the material retained on the sieve continue to be on strike and grinding hammer until crushed to the desired particle size and finally through the sieve from the plane.
Main advantage
1、Hammer crusher has a compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, maintenance is good, easy to operate.
2、Compact, space-saving layout.
3、The material has broken 'big break than' characteristics.
4、Working hammer, using new technology casting, with wear and impact resistance.
5、Hammer crusher seal body structure, to solve the crushing plant dust pollution and dust leakage problems.
6、According to customer requirements, adjust the particle size needed.
Device Parameters
Device Parameters
Adress:Shanhua town of Yanshi City Industrial Zone

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